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Play Therapy for Kids, Support for Parents

When ongoing meltdowns drain the whole family, Ruthie helps kids calm down and express emotions in healthier ways. She empowers parents to use simple techniques to get the same results at home.

Learn the responses that calm and prevent the next big meltdown. Get the Toolkit for Managing Big Feelings.

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Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist.

Ruthie Weiglein LPC RPT works with adults and children facing relationship problems, crisis situations, mental health issues and trauma. Using a combination of CBT, DBT and Play Therapy techniques, Ruthie helps individuals learn new skills to improve their mood, heal from the past and thrive in their present relationships and situations.

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Learn 3 Simple Skills for Positive Mental Health in Children

Inside this free mini-course, you'll get a 20-minute video overview of three simple skills you can use to support your child's mental health. I've also included a course guide to help you capture thoughts during the course.

Coping Strategies for Better Moods

Let's work together to address your current mental health and behavior concerns—and we'll craft a plan to meet your family goals!

Online Counseling for Adolescents and Adults

Improve your mood and learn how to better support your ongoing mental health with supportive therapy with Ruthie. Counseling's now more convenient than ever through telehealth video sessions. 

Parenting Consultation Call

Book a consultation call with Ruthie to your discuss concerns and questions about your child's mental health and behavior issues. Ruthie provides encouraging parenting coaching and clear next steps to address problems and help your child grow past current struggles.

Resources to Help You Grow

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"It’s an understatement to say that Ruthie's work is healing. She created a safe (and fun!) space for my sons to express themselves and she was a boundless resource for me—even through all of the emotional weight of single motherhood (and I wasn’t even her patient!). Loved the high-energy play while working through their anxieties!"



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