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A Picture Book for Children Who are Worried About Coronavirus

Is your child feeling anxious or scared about Coronavirus, wearing a mask, or leaving the house during the COVID-19 pandemic?  I stumbled up on this ebook by Jon Burgerman and I loved its uplifting message.  It's perfect for a kid (or adult!) struggling with discomfort during these uncomfortable days. Its honest and uplifting words lend themselves perfectly to calming self-talk  during Coronavirus. Scroll through to read the whole book here!

Click inside to find a comforting message that touches on the following important points:

  • It's normal to feel worried, nervous, or afraid during this strange time
  • Every day life feels different with so many places closed and usual activities cancelled during quarantine 
  • Worry and panic can making you feel physically sick: tummy aches, headaches, and shortness of breath are common symptoms of anxiety
  • There are lots of simple yet powerful coping skills for dealing with stress and anxiety caused by Coronavirus: expressing your feelings in healthy ways, taking good care of your body, connecting with loved ones, getting rest and exercise, being creative, and having fun. 

If you notice changes in your child due to Coronavirus stress, such as frequent meltdowns, becoming irritable or shut down, reach out for support.   Click here to learn more about my online counseling services and parenting consultations.   And to borrow a few lines from the book: 

"Sharing our worries can make us feel better. Showing our feelings brings us together. It's okay to be worried, but this won't last forever. We can overcome anything when we're there for each other."   Jon Burgerman







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