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Kids love to play aggressively (and it helps avoid trouble!)

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2019


Kids often get themselves in trouble when they are upset. Anger, frustration, and aggression are natural feelings when life doesn't our way.  There's nothing wrong with these feelings, but the problem comes when our behaviors hurt ourselves or others.  Or when we can't move out of the feelings and get stuck in that painful, negative state. 

Kids needs ways to move forward when they are feeling big emotions like anger, frustration, and aggression.  Play is an awesome way to release that energy without causing any trouble.  When selecting toys for play therapy, I'm always on the hunt for toys to give an aggressive outlet, while keeping the small, indoor office space limitations in mind.

Of course, playing outside or playing sports are great outlets.  But, as a therapist I am limited to a small indoor space when I'm working with kids.  (I got my own 3 young kids a trampoline for this exact reason.)

  • Classic games that kids love (to hit!)
  • The most favorite "toy" in my office that I have had to replace multiple times over the years due to it getting punched to death. It's also comes with markers to draw faces or words of things you are mad at on it, brilliant. (I just ordered this hysterical desk version!)
  • Big cardboard blocks are a fun way to build and create and also burn off aggressive energy.  You have to use your whole range of motion to build with something this big, and envitabliy I find kids love to dive into a block tower and knock it down.  At home, my kids ride bikes into these block make them crash over.  The big smash is such a fun way to get out energy but not hurt anyone or break anything.

These are some of my favorite toys to burn off pent up energy and prevent fighting or problems.  Next time you see your kid rearing up to get explosive, try to redirect them into something playful and physical and see what happens! 

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