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Help Your Angry Child Calm Down


I'm always on the hunt for good children's picture books about helping children managing anger and reduce out-of-control meltdowns.  I absolutely adore this book I found called "Allie All Along", by Sarah Lynne Reul.  This enjoyable read teaches coping skills and gently raises awareness of how a child's meltdowns impact others. 

Not only is this book exciting and true to life, but it also models how to calm down through the patient and understanding character of young Allie's older brother, who seems to only be a few years older than her.  The brother guides Ally through steps to calm down and manage her anger, until she feels like herself again. 

So often a child's explosive anger impacts their family around them.  I love how this book shows the brother's patient guidance for helping his young sister.  In my work with children, I too act as a calm guide to help them learn to calm down -- and I teach these same tactics to...

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