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Toys for Babies!

My first son was 7 months old on his first Christmas. Of course we were excited to give him gifts, but let's be real, he mostly loved the crumpled wrapping paper and lights on the tree.  

We give gifts to babies as a way to connect with and love them, and that is exactly what they need-- connection and love.  

So here are my personal favorite toys for babies:


Reading to children not only helps with developing language and literacy, but also provides valuable nurturing benefits.  Holding a baby and reading to them not only calms YOUR central nervous system, but it helps the baby learn to calm their central nervous system through connecting with you.  (It also gives you plenty of chances to smell their sweet heads.) Hearing your voice and the changing cadence of your tone while reading soothes them and bonds them to you.  Also, reading and pointing out faces and emotions builds emotional intelligence and empathy as young children begin to...

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