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Therapy FAQ

 **Covid-19 Upate**

During the COVID-19 Pandemic I am currently offering online video therapy and Parenting Consultations through my Telehealth platform. Please contact me at [email protected] to if you are interested in counseling services during this time. Many health insurance companies are changing their policies to cover Telehealth session during this pandemic. 

How Can I Help Take Care of Myself During this Quarantine?

More than ever, people are aware of their mental health. Being stuck at home limits our options when it comes to our typical coping. Online Counseling is a convenient way to get support for YOU from home.  I love to describe counseling as a container, a place to put all your "stuff" and leave it, so you can go back to your day lighter and with more clarity. 

Does my child need therapy?

Is your child struggling in a way that impacts their behavior, mood, or ability to function at home or school?  Do you feel at a loss of how to help? Counseling helps children function and feel better.  It helps them move past the problem areas they may be currently stuck in and prevents the problem from getting worse and harder to address in the future. Counseling for your child also provides you parenting coaching, encouragement, and support.


How much does it cost? Do you take my insurance?

My fee is $140 per session.  Many of my clients chose to seek reimbursement for the cost with their insurance companies.  I will provide an invoice with all the necessary information to do so, if you desire. I also accept payment with HSA and FSA accounts.


How do I prepare my child for their appointment?

I encourage parents to be honest with children and adolescents about counseling.  You could say something like, “I know things have been hard recently and I want to help.  We are going to go to a counselor named Ruthie for help.  Her job is to help kids and grownups when things are hard.  She helps people solve their problems and feel happier.”


What if my kid doesn’t want to go to counseling? What should I do?

I always tell parents, “Your job is to get them through my door, my job is to make them want to come back.”  It is very common for children and adolescents to not want to go to counseling.  My first goal in meeting with a child is creating a safe and comforting therapeutic relationship that makes them believe change is possible and want to engage in counseling.


Do you work with adults?  Will you make ME play?

Yes, I work with adults.  No, I will never make anyone play.  But if you want to do a hands-on or creative exercise, just ask! 😊


How is your name pronounced?

Ruthie “WHY GLINE”  😊.  Feel free to call me Ruthie. 


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