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Help your child express their emotions in healthy ways.

Are you concerned (and drained) by your child's frequent meltdowns? Does his or her anger or anxiety leave you worried?  Do you feel like you're getting it wrong?

Ruthie Weiglein, family counselor and registered play therapist, has 10 years experience helping families move from crisis to calm. Ruthie teaches parents to utilize their own relationship with their child to validate the child's feelings, model healthier emotional expression, and promote calmer behavior. Through this course, Ruthie will equip you with her tools of reflective listening, establishing a reading ritual, and hands-on play, so can effectively support your child’s big feelings and see changes in your homes right away. Included in the toolkit:

Video lessons and hands-on activities where Ruthie teaches you simple strategies for responding to Big Feelings that will calm your child and teach him more mature ways of expressing himself.  

Ruthie's "Play Prescription”, which contains simple activities that teach your child to handle Big Feelings in a way that is natural to her -- play!

The Take Care Club Feeling Chart and Coping Skill Coloring Book and Journal, two printable tools to use in your home to reinforce both naming and managing big feelings.

Ruthie's extensive children's book list, curated from years of selecting books that pinpoint children's struggles and needs.  These books will help your child navigate big feelings like anger, anxiety and grief as well as life stressors such as death, divorce, separation, and deployment.

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Beautiful Feelings Chart

Use the illustrated feelings chart to teach  emotional vocabulary to your kid.  Create a cozy calm down corner with the Feeling Chart, feeling books, and Coping Skill Coloring Book and Journal!

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Coping Skill Coloring Book and Journal

Printable coloring book of coping skills, coping phrases, and journal. Through coloring and coping phrases, children will learn that they have ways to help themselves manage big feelings.  

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Bibliotherapy Book List

Get a curated list of Ruthie's favorite children's book to support healthy emotions expression.  Includes board books for young children on feelings, helpful books on managing tough emotions like anger, anxiety, grief, and tough situations like divorce and deployment.

Ruthie, your advice regarding my son frequently leaving his lunchbox in his backpack overnight and responding with “I’m so stupid” has already been put into practice. Wow! What a difference it made in several situations. I could see the tension and weight visually lifting off my son during the conversations. Thank you!


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